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Testimonials - Luv my Bottle

Amazing! use it all the time!

I had an upset stomach and I was recommended to use the bottle. The bottle helped resolve my upset stomach and made me feel so much better.

Robyn S

Loved it!

Just looking at the water between the tap water and the bottled water you can tell the difference.

Dr S Signh

 I LuvMyBottle 

I use the bottle for my porridge and it makes it so much creamier. I have also used it to cook rice and it is more fluffy.  Even my cups of tea taste so much better. This product is amazing.

Stephan G

Dr Janne R.

Water testing and tasting has been awesome! Better than our highfalutin filter system! Thanks!

Worth the price! 5 stars!

I felt more hydrated and my thinking seemed to become more clearer the more I used the bottle. Definitely need to have this!.

Michael P

Helped me so much!

I use the bottle for milk and it definitley improves the taste for me.

Robyn D

John W

The water tastes so much better from my LuvMYBottle and I can’t seem to get enough of it.

John W

After being told by my DoctorI I was dehydrated although I was drinking 2 litres of water a day I started using Luvmybottle and my symptoms of headache, dry mouth, restless sleep all disappeared. Luv this Bottle

Anna T