Amazing! use it all the time!

I had an upset stomach and I was recommended to use the bottle. The bottle helped resolve my upset stomach and made me feel so much better.

Robyn S

Worth the price! 5 stars!

I felt more hydrated and my thinking seemed to become more clearer the more I used the bottle. Definitely need to have this!.

Michael P

Loved it!

Just looking at the water between the tap water and the bottled water you can tell the difference.

Dr S Signh

Helped me so much!

I use the bottle for milk and it definitley improves the taste for me.

Robyn D

 I LuvMyBottle 

I use the bottle for my porridge and it makes it so much creamier. I have also used it to cook rice and it is more fluffy.  Even my cups of tea taste so much better. This product is amazing.

Stephan G

John W

The water tastes so much better from my LuvMYBottle and I can’t seem to get enough of it.

John W

Dr Janne R.

Water testing and tasting has been awesome! Better than our highfalutin filter system! Thanks!

After being told by my DoctorI I was dehydrated although I was drinking 2 litres of water a day I started using Luvmybottle and my symptoms of headache, dry mouth, restless sleep all disappeared. Luv this Bottle

Anna T

I absolutely love this Bottle. I used it recently on a hiking trip through the mountains in Japan. The revitalised water kept me hydrated rather than going through the kidneys which purchased water does to me and with limited facilities on the trail it was a blessing I love the science behind this bottle and would recommend it to anyone who is travelling. I also have one on my desk and again I am fully hydrated with minimal trips to the bathroom. Pauline R

Following on from a test yesterday as to whether animals will always choose the purest form of water, I challenged our dog Gus to see which water he preferred. Not only did he choose the Luvmybottle water first, he had a quick lick of the tap water, then went back to the Luvmybottle water. That’s 2 positive results in a row. Luvmybottle water really is superior drinking water over tap water and all it takes is 10 minutes in your Luvmybottle.

Caz S