The Bottle That
Revitalises Tap water

“Our goal is that everyone globally has access to the revolutionary
Luvmybottle revitalised water. It supports physical wellbeing through superior hydration.
Luvmybottle is an environmentally responsible and sustainable way to enjoy Drinking Water your body needs every day.Join the revolution and grab yourself a smart Luvmybottle today”

What is luvmybottle
Revitalized Water?

The LUVMYBOTTLE creates water that works with your body’s natural energy flow, to ensure you gain maximum benefit from the water you drink. It supports Physical Wellbeing Through Superior Hydration.

The Revitalisation process increases water’s life force, necessary in activating water’s healing ability. To function properly, all the cells and organs in the body need good quality water. It depends on the quality of water as to whether nutrients are absorbed into our cells. The Revitalisation process gives it a softer feel and improves its taste. water cell structure clusters get smaller, therefore water is absorbed into our bodies faster.

“Enjoy the experience daily of drinking water from LUVMYBOTTLE and be revitalised”


Fill the LUVMYBOTTLE  with clean tap water, Let it stand for 10 minutes and experience the TRANSFORMATION.

LUVMYBOTTLE is an Environmentally Responsible and Sustainable way to Enjoy drinking Water Your Body Needs every Day.

These statements have not been evaluated by the TGA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

For best results use with proper diet and regular exercise.

“Mt. Everest Basecamp”

The pleasant and even healing effects of water, are not easily measured or assessed by visual examination, yet they can be experienced. 

Ordinary tap water is transformed into fresh and natural water that tastes like spring water. No need to purchase filters when you can transform tap water in 10 mins in the bottle. LUVMYBOTTLE is a one off purchase – none of the ongoing costs associated with bottled water. 

LUVMYBOTTLE is the way to go. Enjoy the experience daily”

How does it benefit me?

Animated Video Below

“All Families Benefit From Superior Hydration Using LUVMYBOTTLE

“Use the water from LUVMYBOTTLE for making tea”

“Stay Hydrated While Exercising”

Water Tastes Revitalised and Fresher Tasting.


No Filters and Increases Water’s Life Force.


To function properly, all the cells and organs in the body need water.


One off purchase is a environmentally responsible choice.


LMB helps remove contaminants in the body to improve overall health.


Not only can you use LUVMYBOTTLE for water but for other beverages too. ie making tea and coffee.


None of the Ongoing Costs or Waste Associated with Bottled Water.


Noticeably a Softer Feel.


Supports Physical Wellbeing through Superior Hydration.

LUVMYBOTTLE Goes Everywhere With You”

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Consultant Cardiologist/Author
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