What is Luvmybottle?

The LUVMYBOTTLE creates water that works with your body’s natural energy flow, to ensure you gain maximum benefit from the water you drink. It supports Physical Wellbeing Through Superior Hydration.

We use a water Revitalisation device that emits subtle information patterns into the stainless steel of Luvmybottle which then has the effect of changing the characteristics of water. In the same manner as a catalytic converter in a car changes harmful pollutants into less harmful emissions, the Revitalisation changes the nature of water by transmitting specific frequency patterns to it. The charged information in the Luvmybottle causes water to resonate at a specific frequency. This causes water’s crystalline structure to take on the attributes of natural spring water.

The Revitalisation process increases water’s life force, gives it a softer feel and improves its taste. Water filtration and reverse osmosis systems will cleanse water of various substances, unfortunately they do not restore the vitality(life) to water – necessary in activating water’s healing ability. The pleasant and even healing effects of water, are not easily measured or assessed by visual examination, yet they can be experienced.

Water from pure sources such as free-flowing springs, contain frequencies that optimize the body’s energy flow. This Bottle Revitalises Tap Water so that it tastes Fresh and Natural and Hydrates Your Body Like Spring Water.

LUVMYBOTTLE is an Environmentally Responsible and Sustainable way to Enjoy drinking Water Your Body Needs every Day.

Fill the LUVMYBOTTLE with clean tap water let it stand for 10 minutes and experience the TRANSFORMATION.

There is an increasing number of supporters globally enjoying their own experience and transformation when they use their LUVMYBOTTLE.

These statements have not been evaluated by the TGA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

For best results use with proper diet and regular exercise.

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