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  • Water Vibration System utilizes a natural vortex action proven to remove negative memories imprinted in your water and replaces them with programmed bio-enhancing frequencies. This patented innovative technology delivers water that your plants need! Back in the early 1900s, Austrian forest warden Victor Schauberger (1885-1958) coined the term “living water”
  • The famous American doctor and researcher, Dr Cousens, wrote: “Today we believe that cells contain structured water as their basic constituent. In polarized water, enzymes and other macromolecules are embedded, together with sodium and potassium ions”. [2] It has been proved that most processes of intracellular metabolism take place in
  • The recommended amount of water to be drunk per day varies from person to person, depending on factors such as how active they are and how much they sweat. There is no universally agreed upon amount of water that must be consumed daily, but there is a general level of
  • The History of Water To fully understand the chronicles of water treatment we have to look back at scientific history. In 1860, there was a scientific debate between Louis Pasteur’s Germ Theory and Antoine Bechamp’s Terrain Theory. Pasteur’s Germ Theory stated that a specific bacteria were the cause of specific

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