Frequently Ask Questions

Can Luvmybottle Be Put In The Dishwasher?

No. Hand Wash Only – Please Follow The Care Instructions.

Can The Water Be Decanted From Luvmybottle?

Yes. It Can Be Decanted Into Either Glass Or Stainless Steel.

Can I Place My Luvmybottle Next To My Computer, Mobile Phone etc. ?

No. Please Keep Luvmybotle At Least Half A Metre Away From All electrical Appliances.

How Can I Optimise The Longevity Of The Technology And performance Of Luvmybottle.

Please Place Empty Luvmybottle In Sunlight Once Per Week For 5 Minutes.

Can I Use A Soft Brush To Clean My Luvmybottle?

Provided The Brush Is “very Soft” – No Hard Brushes Or

Can I Use My Luvmybottle For Hot Drinks?

Luvmybottle Is Not Recommended For Very Hot Beverages
as The Shell Is Not Insulated And Will Conduct Heat.

Can I Take Luvmybottle On A Plane?

Yes. Please Take Luvmybottle On Board Empty With The Lid Off and Then Refill And Enjoy.

* All Of The Above Faqs Are Found On The Cleaning Instruction Leaflet together With LUVMYBOTTLE On Purchase

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