Key Aspects of Drinking Water ideal for passing through the cell membrane

“Modern-day humans mostly come across poor-quality water nowadays, which is why many of us are no longer in the habit of drinking water, thus inflicting great damage on our bodies.” (Viktor Schauberger) In order to ascertain the quality of a water supply or a revitalization appliance, several aspects have to be taken into account. Our bodies have both extracellular fluid, including water in the veins, arteries, lymphatic system and abdominal area, etc., and intracellular fluid, which refers to fluid within cells.

High-quality water must be able to optimally hydrate both areas and to combat the dehydration from which almost all people in modern society suffer.

Aquaporins in the cell membrane, special cluster structures and the frequency of 22.5 Hz enable water to pass into cells.

In order to pass through the cell membrane and be conducted into the cell, as research by Nobel prize winner Peter Agre shows, water must have a very specific structure, namely crystalline. In addition, the water needs to have the correct frequency so as to be able to pass through the aquaporins (ionic channels in the cell membrane) in sufficient amounts.

Research carried out by bioresonance expert Paul Schmidt has revealed that the frequency of the cell membrane is approx. 22.5 Hz, corresponding to the body’s own metabolic frequency.

Frequency image of spring water:

Frequency image of spring water: clear structure and 22, 44 and 66 Hz easily identifiable as important frequencies

The frequency image of spring water treated by UV disinfection: the water has a poor structure and the frequencies of 22, 44 & 66 Hz are instable. The image is very disharmonious:

Frequency image of spring water after treatment by UV disinfection

A key factor for effective revitalization of water is obviously the basic procedure of restoring the correct fundamental frequency and overtones for water to pass through the cell membrane. This factor is also extremely important in today’s technological society as high-frequency technologies impact strongly on humans, causing not only lymphatic fluid to acquire a change of crystalline structure but also parallel frequencies of -22.5 Hz to be stored in water and body fluids thanks to the common use of WLAN, Bluetooth and satellite dishes.

These investigations by the Italian physicist Del Guidice show the dramatic effects on people’s metabolism and consequently on their state of health as these frequencies can lead to reduced or even abnormal cellular activity. Physicist Dr. Ludwig has even designated -22.5 Hz the cancer frequency.

As the technology-induced high frequencies from mobile phone transmitters, radio, radar and mobile phones, etc. are stored in water, nowadays it does not even make sense to consume bottled water, even if it is of good quality, without revitalizing it in advance.

As a result of the physical storage effects mentioned above, these harmful frequencies enter into the body via drinking water, thus interfering with the body’s internal communication system and metabolic activity

The long-term stability of a crystalline water structure can be measured with today’s highfrequency technology.

Image of spring water crystal using Dr Emoto’s method:

Studies by geobiologist Dr. Michael Kohfink-Kalagin which were carried out in the exahertz range reveal whether water which has undergone an energizing process is actually able to retain its liquid-crystalline structure, as illustrated by high pulse data, or whether it reverts to its normal structure. This is shown by the decline in pulse data and Bovis units when measured 25 hours later.

Colloidal minerals in water are the basis for the formation of highly organized cluster structures and its ability to store frequencies. Via minerals, water takes on the energetic properties of the elements as the primordial creational qualities of life.

In this way, water can take on the creational qualities of the elements out of which humans, animals and plants are ultimately made. Water is thus endowed with an individual characteristic which makes it a living element capable of fulfilling its magnificent task in all parts of creation.

As natural water constantly flows in spiral patterns in the earth, nature creates long clusters of molecules, assembling optimal structures which can be passed on to organisms.

These structures are decisive for the biological activity of water in organisms.

Thus the minerals in water should not be seen as nutrition for somatic cells but rather as the basis for creating a natural water structure which brings about life.

Intensive research in the United States headed by Dr Cousens has proved that mineral nutrients enter cells when they are surrounded by a ring of structured water.

Thus it very much depends on the quality of the water used as to whether nutrients which are administered or consumed really get into cells. As Detlef Jaehn so aptly put it, “We do not live off what we eat but off what actually enters our cells.”

It is easy to define the most important tasks of a water-revitalization process as follows:

As well as deleting the frequencies of harmful substances, it should give our drinking water a highly structured, stable, liquid-crystalline state. Only then is it 100% available for metabolism.

Achieving a natural cluster structure and a natural  frequency spectrum for spring water ideal for the human organism is also necessary for cells to take up sufficient quantities of water.


  • Reference by Institut für Wasser-u. Umweltverbesserung