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What is luvmybottle?

The LUVMYBOTTLE creates water that works with your body’s natural energy flow, to ensure you gain maximum benefit from the water you drink. It supports Physical Wellbeing Through Superior Hydration.

We use a water Revitalisation device that emits subtle information patterns into the stainless steel of Luvmybottle which then has the effect of changing the characteristics of water. In the same manner as a catalytic converter in a car changes harmful pollutants into less harmful emissions, the Revitalisation changes the nature of water by transmitting specific frequency patterns to it. The charged information in the Luvmybottle causes water to resonate at a specific frequency. This causes water’s crystalline structure to take on the attributes of natural spring water.

How does it benefit me?

Water Tastes Revitalised and Fresher Tasting

No Filters and Increases Water’s Life Force

To function properly, all the cells and organs in the body need water

None of the Ongoing Costs or Waste Associated with Bottled Water

Noticeably a Softer Feel

Supports Physical Wellbeing through Superior Hydration

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Here’s What Other People Say

“Worth the price! 5 stars! I felt more hydrated and my thinking seemed to become more clearer the more I used the bottle. Definitely need to have this!.”

Michael P

After being told by my DoctorI I was dehydrated although I was drinking 2 litres of water a day I started using Luvmybottle and my symptoms of headache, dry mouth, restless sleep all disappeared. Luv this Bottle

Anna T

I LuvMyBottle .I use the bottle for my porridge and it makes it so much creamier. I have also used it to cook rice and it is more fluffy. Even my cups of tea taste so much better. This product is amazing.

Stephan G

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