Water Vibration System utilizes a natural vortex action proven to remove negative memories imprinted in your water and replaces them with programmed bio-enhancing frequencies. This patented innovative technology delivers water that your plants need!

Back in the early 1900s, Austrian forest warden Victor Schauberger (1885-1958) coined the term “living water” as his research discovered that water had a energy, or vitality when in its natural state. He discovered that when water is forced to travel through pipes, it becomes stripped of its electrons and loses it natural geometries. These natural hexagonal snowflakes, like geometries or water clusters, are what are found in healing waters around the world. He taught that water is a living rhythmic substance. In maturity, it gives of itself to everything needing life. However, water can become diseased through incorrect handling. Dying water harms animals, plants and fish. He admonished, “Comprehend nature, then copy nature.”

• Patented Vortex Chamber
• Programmed with Positive Growth Frequencies
• Hydro Micro-Magneto Technology

Shortsighted human engineering, such as clear-cut forests, mega-project dams, and rivers confined into canals, all tamper with the circulatory system of our planet. Even the smallest variations in a river are crucial, as the water’s spinning motion recharges it with subtle energies. Stagnant bottled water, even though chemically clear, is dead compared to water in the rushing brooks. Water treated and then pushed through cities in the unnatural confines of metal pipes has had its natural order cancelled.

  • Article by Victor Schauberger. Environmentalist