The famous American doctor and researcher, Dr Cousens, wrote: “Today we believe that cells contain structured water as their basic constituent. In polarized water, enzymes and other macromolecules are embedded, together with sodium and potassium ions”. [2] It has been proved that most processes of intracellular metabolism take place in a network of structured water.

This was discovered by the researcher Peter Agre, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for his findings. Bio-resonance pioneered by Paul Schmidt also supports the same conclusions. When the water vibrates with certain frequencies and has the appropriate cluster structure, it is easier for it to reach its goal, namely the cell. We think of drinking water to stay hydrated

It is reasonable to assume that the energy and wave patterns in drinking water are tremendously important for all life on earth as well as for our health. As we all know, the human body and its organs consist of approx. 70 % water, i.e. somebody weighing 70 kg has over 50 kg of water in them. That’s five 10-litre buckets of water, if that’s easier to picture. Naturally the question comes to mind whether the water in our bodies has the right structure and whether it is energetically active or not. This factor is decisive for our health and well-being. What is the energetic property of tap water like? It is not enough for water to be clean for it to be healthy as well.


  • Article by Bernard Ratheiser