Water Structures

Revitalised water means increasing its bio availability.

Does the water in our body have the right structure and is it energetically active or not? It is extremely important to purify water using suitable physical processes, for only high quality revitalised water can perform the important tasks which our organism requires.

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For best results use with proper diet and regular exercise.


  • Excerpts from article by Mechanical Engineer Ing. Bernard Ratheiser

The Revitalisation process in LUVMYBOTTLE changes the nature of water by transmitting specific frequency patterns to it. The charged information in the LUVMYBOTTLE causes water to resonate at a specific frequency, increases water’s life force, gives it a softer feel and improves its taste. This causes water’s crystalline structure to take on the attributes of natural spring water.

So that water can pass through the cell membrane, certain electrical conditions and geometric structures are necessary. This bottle Revitalises Tap Water so that it Tastes Fresh and Natural and Hydrates your Body Like Spring Water.

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